Exhibition of Laodan's works at the VINCILAND Gallery in Beijing

My works will be exhibited at the VINCILAND Art Gallery in Beijing from September 17 till October 25.

Galleries are a relatively new phenomenon in China and the art market is thus in an early stage of development where the un-substantial reigns. Among the proliferation of galleries some pearls emerge and the VINCILAND is decidedly one of those pearls.
More on the subject later.

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Back from Beijing.

The plans that I layed out in my last post have been derailed by exceptional circumstances that occured in my private life.
My father in law passed away in Beijing on June 29th while I was there and I was shortly later informed through my webmail that my mother had passed away in Belgium 5 hours earlier than my father in law. So after a private funeral in Beijing we rushed to Belgium where we stayed for a week before coming back to Beijing where we had to terminate discussions about a soon to come exhibition of my works.