The ebook "First societal blow in Late-Modernity" is online


I formatted the series of articles titled "First devastating societal blow in Late-Modernity" in e-book form and made it available from my website.

This series has become a long text. The 2nd edition of the book totals 599 pages.


When reality sets in, later on, it will act as a powerful punch in the stomach of Western individuals and they will be left to gasp for air. They will indeed discover that life has changed for them and not in any positive way. Inflation will rapidly swell the price of daily necessities while deflation will lower the prices of their assets and their savings. It is the worst possible of any outcomes for Western populations and this will weigh heavily on the realignment of the cards on the desk of the ship of international relations.

In the meantime what is taking place in the realm of Geo-politics is indeed absolutely stupendous. We are literally on the cusp of a redrawing of life on earth along two lines :

1. the shift of the economy-world to East-Asia is redrawing the governance-world amidst many dangers of conflicts

2. the side-effects of Modernity are converging and unleashing numerous feed-back loops that point to tipping points that threaten life on earth

3. one and two are also converging into what I call "The Great Convergence" that confuses the minds of citizen, and bring about chaos along the way to what comes after Modernity.


To keep the mind out of this chaos and possibly detect the path to the future of humanity I rely on a broader analysis about life and societal evolution that is based on a series of core concepts that go as follows :

1. the 7 principles of life

2. the mind is a singularity

3. during Modernity the human mind converted to the reason that is at work within capital

4. ignorance of inter-dependencies causes suffering

5. modulation of the continuum of the cultural field

6. the great convergence of the crisis of the governance-world with the multiple side-effects of Modernity

7. the human predicament urges us to find meaning in our life 


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