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Since March 2003, I posted 140 times giving a first draft of what is becoming a book titled ARTSENSE. I plan 2 more series of posts before concluding the artsense serie:
- first my concl
usions about the content of those 140 posts.
- the second serie shall be about my personal way of painting.

The following is a trial at projecting out of the heavy trends discovered in the present what the future has in store. The conclusions expressed are thus intended to be prospective.

I will not not be playing here the role of a diviner but I believe that future heavy trends can indeed be uncovered from present day heavy trends and, as such, I have the weakness to believe that predictions make sense and can indeed be very useful.
Furthermore, I follow this idea of Illya Prygogyne about the future: "I believe that what we do today depends on our image of the future, rather than the future depending on what we do today. We build our equations by our actions. These equations, and the future they represent, are not written in nature. In other words, time becomes construction. Of course, we have some conditions that determine limits of the future but within these limits are many, many possibilities.

Therefore, since no deterministic prediction is likely to be valid, visions of the future -utopian visions- play a very important role in present
conduct. (1)

In other words our ideas about what the future has in store could look like or be acting as rails along which our present endeavors unfold. What we do today is related to our dreams of what the future should be like. The future is an outcome between multiple possibles and how we dream about it makes us then derive strategies for the present in order to make our dream come true.

What follows is given in this sense of my dream about the future. But don't be mistaken it's not because I'm following a dream vision that my conclusions are unrealistic, they are indeed rooted in present day heavy trends and somehow constitute the last steps along the ladder of this book's presentation of past and present trends.

(1) Beyond Being and Becoming: Interview of Illia prygogine by Marilyn Berlin Snell in the magazine NPQ.

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