The exponential rise in scientific imaging. (5)

Science gives us to see further than the first degree image that projects on the retina and "... when it comes to seeing more, science holds a marvelous tool chest of techniques".

Science has indeed drastically demultiplied the potential of first degree images that our retina can absorb. Basically science is making accessible images that our eyes can't perceive by themselves and it thus is enlarging our vision of reality in three directions:

  • towards the microscopic,

  • towards the macroscopic

  • towards the abstraction emerging out of mathematical formulas.

The visual imaging derived from scientific approaches is now transforming what was our visual normality until very recently I mean this first degree image of reality projecting on our retina. It will gradually expand humanity's visual horizons towards the micro and macro infinites while giving us the tools that will allow us to dwell into the patterns of the real resulting from the non-ending changes that constitute the deep reality of our universe.

One thing is for sure we will more and more be inundated under visual signs and images that are not resulting directly from the projection of an "existing" on our retina. I mean the proportion of images that are derived from environments not directly accessible to the human eye but made accessible through the intervention of some technological captioning devices is become absolutely dominant and this will not go without dramatic consequences for the individuals and the societies.
My next post shall be about those consequences.

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