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This table summarizes my personal approach towards painting. It is not given as a ready method for all to use but I hope that its content will help the reader to clarify his own understanding about what I'm speaking about and also will help him have an easier "reading" of my paintings.

A summary of my personal approach towards visual arts

The subject of art ------------------------------>

The form of painting ------------------------------>

Art in society

The artist's role is to create sense out of reality for his society. Knowledge being not a given any longer, the artist has to find out, by himself, how our future worldview is shaping in the present.

  • The first stage of creation:

- Xieji like = meditation and then cogitation about the subject of the painting.

- Automatism = the ex-pression of one's feelings about the subject.

    Everyone is enriching his society through his actions. Art should thus make sense of what is life and reality at the attention of the observers, at the attention of the members of society.

    The artist makes sense out of reality from his own level of understanding. He uses technical touches intended to affirm his vision of the subject's meaning and sense.

  • The second stage of creation: making sense out of what has resulted from the automatic expression of feelings = the application of Gongbi style techniques intended to mark the details of the representation.

    The substance (the spirit)of artists' creations belongs to the commons. (society at large) and should thus be absolutely free of usage by all individuals.

    Gaining general knowledge is central in the artist's life. The better his knowledge = the deeper his representation of the subjects of his works.

  • The third stage of creation: the harmonization of colors and lines = the embellishment of the work of art.

    The materiality of the work of art created by an artist is the artist's personal ownership. This is what feeds the artist.

    In the following posts I'll try to give as reasoned a description as possible about my way of painting.

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