Conclusions (2)

Modernism is ending with the death of the societal functionality of the visual arts as it had been practiced along 99.8% of the timespan of humanity's cultural history.

  • Under the weight of the absolute reign of the rationality imposed by the logic of capital, by the end of the 20th century, visual arts were completely knocked down in merchandization and as a result a globalizing human culture and the individuals of the world have been thrown into a time of great confusion a time of fragmentation of the traditional worldviews.

  • But with the advent of the demultiplication of scientific knowings and their imagings the idea that an artistic awakening could nevertheless be possible is re-energizing the artistic avant-garde that sees hope a-new through our return to art's historical functionality.

    In other words artists are discovering that there is a vibrant life in the creation of the visual signs of the future worldview that is starting to shape in the present.

    • But where is the knowledge founding our future worldview? Through all the history of visual arts artists had illustrated the knowledge of the "men of knowledge" of their day at the attention of all the members of their societies.

      But who are the men of knowledge today? Are they the ones who devised the nuclear bomb and who presently are perhaps developing a future biologic, genetic or nanotechnologic time bomb that could eventually annihilate the entire human race? We can't blame scientists for the myopia of the scientific approach but we can imagine how that myopia could be corrected through the lenses of the holistic approach of philosophy. We have nevertheless to conclude that this approach is rarely practiced nowadays.

    • In the absence of a recognized and respected group of men of knowledge artists thinkers and scientists have no alternative, if they want to give sense to their works, but to become their own men of knowledge. Specialized knowings have to be put in a holistic context to correct the myopia that they engender.

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