What is art ?

I started this blog one year ago approximately with the ambition to write about art and design. I was , and I must say I remain, very unsatisfied with today's blabla about art in magazines and papers.
My idea is that art (fine art) is a societal answer to the questions and needs of the individuals for sense. Viewed in such a perspective, the artist is someone who is perpetually in searching mode for sense. By sense I mean the philosophical interpretation of reality or to put it otherwise the lightning of the elements that give sense to reality at a given point in time. Our perceptions evolved, very fast those last decades, and thus our questions today are indeed very different from what they were at other times in history.

The following 2 articles by Michelle Marder Kamhi are somehow focusing on the same approach that I personally try to develop. Her conclusions nevertheless are pole apart from mine but that is not of such a huge importance. Another layout is a chance to reflect...
So good reading.

"Debating The Visual Culture "

"Where's the Art in Today's Art Education?"

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