Modern art 5

The roots of wisdom. Beijing. Fall 2001
Gouache on paper. 55 x 80 cm.


According to neuro-biologists, we humans should use only 2-3% of the neurons in our brains.

I'm sometimes wondering if those 2-3% of neurons have not gone totally wild and, as a cancer invading the whole body, are not just destroying all activity of the remaining 97-98%..

Something is indeed sick in our behavior and I deeply believe that humanity is in dire need of understanding the global picture of which we are only one pixel instead of zooming always deeper and deeper into the details of that pixel itself.

"The roots of wisdom" is how I see my own quest for knowledge, always hiding from the fads and trends and running from what ends with "ism"...

In the end can't believe that evolution gratified us with those neurons if it was not for our using them. If they really were unused there should be a reason for that. I'am firmly convinced that reality is more profound than what is said about it and thus I believe that one day neuro-biologists will have to revise their claim.

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