Science imaging + philosophy = my personal approach in creating visual signs.

My last posts were illustrating the kinds of images that will most profoundly impact on the formation of the future worldview that will be shared around the global village in the coming future zooming-in the micro levels of reality, zooming-out into the macro levels of reality and zooming in abstraction, the pure abstraction of mathematical models.

My basic thesis in ARTSENSE is that the forming of that future truly global worldview will form out of the interaction between these 3 forms of zoomings and... with philosophic wisdoms from around the world that will help us to see from a distance the reality described by these 3 different forms of zooming and also will help us to see ourselves in all of that.

This thesis forms the content of my book ARTSENSE that just came out of the presses. It is available here presently and shall be available within a few weeks on Amazon, Borders and other.

Here follow some of my visual signs that I give as a trial at illustrating the coming global worldview that I'm speaking about:

Transformation from order to chaos.

Expansion and opportunities: many potential roads are arising but only one will materialize.

One road materialzes: life in the form of a first cell.

Nature's urge for more complexity or the strategic principle of the transformation of reality

Competitive growth or the tactical principle of the transformation of reality.

Coming out of 6 months of writing.

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