From Modernity to After-Modernity

Hi guys,
Have been blogging on Weebly for some time now and in the meantime I neglected my Blogger account (this was a mistake). Since I encountered some problems with Weebly I'm remaking Crucial Talk my first blogging platform

During my absence from Blogger I have been writing "From Modernity to After-Modernity" a series of articles that divides in 3 parts and time willing I'll edit them as 3 books addressing different angles of a same subject. The subject relates to the transition from Modernity toward a new historical era that I simply call After-Modernity.
The different angles I approach the subject are - history, - theory, - and lastly a more subjective take on how I see the shift operating toward the new worldview paradigm of the coming new historical era.

I have started this project last winter and here is where I find myself today:

1.  during the winter 2014-2015  I posted 20 articles on my Weebly blog.  I have formated these articles into an Ebook that totals 410 pages. These articles are a historical review of societal evolution. I offer you a free download of the pdf.

2.  this  winter, 2015-2016, I'm writing about theory. I hope this will form something like a theory about societal evolution. The subject is vast and regroups the following sections:
  • societal knowledge formation 
  • from increasing consciousness to increased complexity
  • how societies organize themselves
  • the role of the arts in human life
The first 9 articles have already been posted on Weebly.
To ensure some continuity after this restart of Crucial Talk I'll start by reposting these 9 articles and after that I'll follow-up with the new stuff.

3. My painting and thinking about the new paradigm that will crystallize as the worldview of the new age of After-Modernity... This will have to wait for the winter 2016-2017. But in the meantime I plan to share with you my painting "grand project" and what I have accomplished to this day.

This article is also an opportunity for me to share with you a free download of my older Artsense ebook.

Hope you'll find this series of articles of interest.


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