Writing and painting are solitary endeavors undertaken
out of the noise and the action of this world.

The artist has to make a choice:
- or he spends most of his time on the margins of society creating art works
- or he spends most of his time running after market recognition.

I made the conscient choice to spend my time in the creation process
knowing full well that it meant staying on the margins of society.
Yes it's possible not to run after the marketization chimera of our societies,
but one has to be conscient that this comes with a price.

The price is being relegated on the margins of society's actions.
Marginalization puts you out of the knowing
about how to bring your message to society at large.

I mean, for example, how do I handle the next step after my writing of ARTSENSE ?
How do I find a gallery to show my visual works?

Yes here I'm.
It seems I need some serious help !
Interested to help me polishing the text of this book or to find a publisher ?
Contact me and I'll give you the address where you'll find a PDF copy.
All those who will appear to have given a valid help in the publication of this book
will be mentioned in an introductory "thank you" note.
I'm going to re-post this "help" message during the next 10 days, hoping
to attract the attention of most of my regular readers.
I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

For those who enter this site for a first time,
I rearranged the order of my last postings so that
you can have an uninterrupted reading
of my personal approach towards painting.

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