Painting (1)

I'm re-painting since 3 days now and was thinking to share with you the evolution of my work.

I terminated my first phase painting (meditation/automatism) on 31 panels of my ARTSENSE series in February of 2004 and completed phase 2 (sense) and 3 (beautification) of 24 of those panels by end of August. You can see those 24 acrylics at laodan/acrylics

7 panels were thus awaiting to be completed.

In 3 days I completed the 2nd phase of panel 25, a portrait of me the "thinker" freshly leaving the keyboard after 5 months of writing. I'll post an image of the work after terminating the beautification phase in a few days. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture after phase 1, I'll try to give you images of the 3 stages for panel 26 or 27.

My making sense out of this autoportrait goes towards a visual rendering of the act of thinking and writing about visual arts. I wanted to convey in visual terms this idea, that visual arts, is all about the representation of the complexity of reality seen through the prism of knowledge. Thousands of ideas interconnecting among themselves and in finale generating an ordered assembling that represents nothing else than the new worldview of the men of knowledge of the day.

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