From Modernity to After-Modernity (about chapter 5)

 Part 2. Theoretical considerations
Chapter 5. About the arts

Hello to my regular readers and to everybody else,

As of my post last Friday my writing this winter already generated 560 book pages.  I started working on the last chapter, this chapter 5, but will pass this week's publication because I was exhausted and needed some time to put my ideas together. This chapter should be the culmination of this winter's writing so I feel I need to get it right.

This is how I presently envisage the architecture of this text:

1.  a clarification about what we call the arts?

2.  the origins of the arts:
        2.1.   a biologically acquired predisposition for the arts
        2.2.   a societally acquired function to preserve life:  our species - societies need art to reproduce life (in this sense art is the most important human activity! It is what allows the species to reproduce over time and avoid going extinct!)

3.  the historical evolution of the arts:
        3.1.   the arts under tribal societies
        3.2.   the arts under imperial societies. Europe versus China.
        3.3.   the arts under Modernity.
        3.4.   the arts in Late-Modernity

4.  the arts in what comes after Modernity (in the decades and centuries after the presently collapsing Modernity)

See you next Friday April the 1st,
Best to all.


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