Is America still a nation?

This 4th of July Patrick Buchanan asked if America is still a nation (1).

This question touches a raw nerve and our minds ache.
What will we do without America?

Ron Paul proposes the following answer (2).

We must declare independence from an indebted postmodern tyranny
--- that crushes its citizens into social misery and loneliness,
--- that crushes the rest of the world under its bombs.

Today the American worldview is a desert (3).
The country is fragmented and its society has atomized.
Its governing center is plunged in hatred and mental disorder.

Does anyone come forward to contradict Patrick Buchanan and Ron Paul?
Nobody dares; not because there is nothing to say.
Liberals and progressives are too busy stoking the fires of post-modernism.

Commodified art is no longer allowed to illustrate a worldview.
Fake news projects a phantasmatic image of the rest of the world
and citizens are being dumbed down to believe in the exceptionalism of propaganda.

My mind aches
--- watching my American friends being spoon fed daily lies,
--- observing their desperate struggles against the matrix built by their overlords.

What does all this tell us about  life tomorrow?

These are 3 documents everyone should gain to know.

1.  Is America Still a Nation?
Monday - July 3, 2017
by Patrick J. Buchanan

2.  We Must Declare Independence
Monday July 3, 2017
by Ron Paul

3. March 2014 a talk by Alan Macfarlane.

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