Modern art 11

FLAMING A. Tapestry n# D-005-A-S-1DU-../30
(photo of a 1 Design Unit = 120 x 180 cm)
Limited edition tapestry: 1 on 30 pieces in total, available in
6 different sizes (1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 design units)
Here follows the design of a 8 Design Unit

Tapestry n# D-005-A-S-8DU-../30

I have been commissionned in 2002 to design a collection of tapestries for Eina BEMS llc.

Traditional tapestries and rugs are based on the weaving of yarns. Eina BEMS' material as well as the manufacturing technique were new (assembly
of leather-wool parts) and nobody had ever designed rugs for this technique.

Eina BEMS' finally selected 13 designs, in 2 color versions, among some hundred designs that I had proposed. In total that gave them a collection of 26 different tapestries.

I give here a sampling of 7 of those tapestries as illustration of my designs. For more on those tapestries, visit www.einabems.com

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