Modern art 17

1-02-08 (1/25 limited edition)
Mystic fish 08

My "Post-Psychedelic Print Collection", to this day, comprises 60 "digital paintings" that I created in 2002. I plan to give in this blog's "Modern art" series a selection of 8 of those prints as an illustration of my digital work.

Those works are realized with the following FREE programs:

- Fractals: I used successively the following tools: Fractint, Chaos Pro and Ultra Fractal. All 3 programs can be downloaded free. Ultra Fractal is clearly my preferred. You can for example cut parts of a fractal image and then zoom in those parts... After reaching an interesting fractal image, I transfer this image to an imaging program for changing contrast, intensity, colors and details.

- Imaging: Adobe photoshop7 and The Gimp. I worked with Photoshop since the mid-nineties but after working extensively with The Gimp recently, I find that the Gimp works perfectly for me. Technically, you get the same functions on both programs, the real bonus of The Gimp is that it is Free while Photoshop costs hundreds of $ that you have to give out with each new version. The finalized image has then to be transferred to an editing program for printing.

- Editing and printing: I now use Open Office for A4 (letter) or A3 sizes (a free program that I find very stable and user friendly). I used to work with Page Maker which I continue to use for larger sizes. I discovered Scribus (free) recently, critics say that it is comparable to Page Maker but I need more time to familiarize with this program.

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