Modern art 19

1-03-11 (1/25 limited edition)
Explosion of colors 11

About fractals.
Fractals are images generated by mathematical formulas that can be downloaded from public formulas databases on the internet. After launching a formula in a fractal program, an image results that can be modified in basically 2 ways:
1. tweaking the formula + the
coloring algorithm + the transformation formula.
2. Zooming into the image. In the words of Fractalus, "a fractal is a shape that, when you look at a small part of it, has a similar (but not necessarily identical) appearance to the full shape. Take, for example, a rocky mountain. From a distance, you can see how rocky it is; up close, the surface is very similar. Little rocks have a similar bumpy surface to big rocks and to the overall mountain". Fractal programs let you zoom in the image as many times as you want, every time one step deeper.
You can then tweak the parameters of this new image and zoom into it until you find a selection that is visually attractive for you.
The best of programs let you cut out from the image the part that you wish to retain instead of having to rework the whole displayed image.

Are fractals art works?

Again I'll refer to Fractalus:
"What seems so plain to fractal enthusiasts—that fractals are a form of art—doesn't appear to be quite so obvious to other people. The assumption seems to be that since fractals can't really be produced without software, which does all the calculations, that the "artist" must just be punching in some random numbers and seeing what results. This couldn't possibly be art.

Well, it just doesn't work like that. It really isn't that simple. Yes, anybody can download some fractal software, play with it for a few minutes, and produce a picture or two. But then, anyone can buy Photoshop, play with it for a few minutes, and produce a picture, too; is that art? What about if someone buys a canvas, some paints and brushes, and whips out some simple painting? Is that art? Does it matter what tools are used? "

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