Modern art 18

1-02-12 (1/25 limited edition)
Mystic fish 12

It is an unquestionable fact that Prints fade. Two factors explain this:
- paper quality and longevity
- Ink quality and longevity

Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc is the world leading specialist of those matters relating to prints durability.

Eina BEMS, the company distributing my prints, uses one of the best combinations presently available on the market for its art prints:

1. EPSON Enhanced Archival Matte paper: a beautiful flat finished heavyweight paper, with no texture surface; popular for fine art use
- Features:
* Flat matte surface
* Instant drying with Epson inks
* Excellent color reproduction
* Highest resolution output
* Photo thickness
* Excellent Hightlights
* Fine shadow detail
- Detailed Specs:
* Weight: 45 lb. (192 g/m2)
* Thickness: 10.3 mil
* Opacity: 94%
* Pounds/Ream 51#
* Base Material: Paper
* Surface: Flat Matte
* Lightfastness: 62 years.

These ratings are based on accelerated testings of prints on specialty media displayed indoors, under glass. Actual print stability will vary according to media, printed image, display conditions, light intensity and atmospheric conditions. For maximum print life display, place all prints under glass or lamination or properly store them. Ratings based on tests conducted by Epson and Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc.
For more about the subject, visit Inkjet Art Solutions

2. EPSON UltraChrome inks.
Pigment-based, the ink is water-resistant, resists running or smudging, with any paper type, though the papers may not be waterfast. These inks resist fading from light in framed display condition for over 60 years. These ratings are based on tests conducted by Epson and Wilhelm Imaging Research. PC World cites a Display Permanence rating of 92 years for the EPSON C80-82 inks as used by Eina BEMS for printing its 8x10' formats.

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