Artblogs readers survey

A the behest of Todd Gibson from the blog "From the floor", a small group of art bloggers have been chatting via email, and have come to a conclusion. Site stats are great, but we don't know enough about our readers to be sure that we're writing what you want to be reading.

We're curious about several things. Why, for example, would you choose to be reading art blogs instead of watching Simpsons re-runs? Or are you reading art blogs while you're watching Simpsons re-runs? What sorts of content (reviews, opinion, art world gossip, pointers to articles in the mainstream press, etc.) do you find most valuable?

Here's the deal.

You give us five to seven minutes of your time and honest answers to a few questions about your preferences, and we'll give you sites that you'll enjoy reading even more than you already do. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

To participate (and you are participating, right?) follow this link and get to work. The survey will be online through October 11, 2004. I'll post a few of the more interesting findings when the survey is complete.

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