Modern art 34: ARTSENSE 009

Acryl009. Wind and waves.





The slide-show of all the acrylics of my ARTSENSE serie has been installed,
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Flatland is quiet, the sun is blue and the leaves on the trees are immobile. This is a time of tranquility, time passes without ripples. Then for no explicable reason the air rises and soon swirls. Flatland vanishes, making place for a storm. Masses of air come and pass. The movement is clearly not regular. Now the sound is soft like a melancholic gypsi song but the next moment the rythm accelerates into a wild frenetic pounding on the chords of a skywide guitar. Bodies shake in awe. Trees are uprooted. Houses are flattenned. Then the wind quiets down for an instant as to take a full breath for blowing a new salvo more powerful than the last.

I have always felt that the rythm of the winds is like the rythm of life. Up, down, flat, unending change. You just can't stop it, better accept and adapt yourself to the rythm of reality and surf with it. Better never resist, you are powerless indeed. Let go and follow the movements, learn the dance and discover harmony in non resistance. Surfing the waves of live is acceptance of life, is discovery of the way of life. This is exactly what the Chinese masters at "shieyi" painting try to attain: the representation of the "way of life" of their subject.

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