Modern art 29: ARTSENSE 004

Acryl004. A transformation..





Harmony is the general state of our universe, of our cosmos that's why we call it the prevailing harmony. It is not something static, all the contrary, it is permanent change. It is transformation from one state to another state.

These last centuries, western artists and thinkers concentrated on the idea of an absolute truth. They lost themselves in this sisyphean act of the snapshot FOR truth leading more often than not in the deap valley of certainty where they drowned under the passions arising from those very certainties.

We should now make the jump to a superior level and discover how to fabricate snapshots OF truth.

As I understand it, visual artists have a mission and this mission is to give a visual representation of the "Zeitgeist", of the vision of reality in the forming in society at large. Such has been the role of artists under animism, under religions and under early capitalism, in other words from the beginning of mankind until sometime at the end of the 19th century. Since then much confusion has flowed in artistic waters. This ARTSENSE serie is all about the sense of visual arts at the down of the 21st century.

I firmly believe that to keep in tune the princips of life at work throughout our cosmos, we have to concentrate on the sequences between the snapshots while freeing our SUBJECTIVITY of our greed and glory driven ego.
For the observer, the sequencing of changes is what ultimately is making sense of each particular moment. The same goes for the art observer. It is indeed the sequencing of changes between colors, between sounds or between ideas and words that ultimately makes sense of those same colors, sounds, ideas and words.

Here lies a unique chance to leave the heights of our past searches for certainties. By their very nature, changes don't let us the time to focus on certainties, indeed, the best we can do is to try to surf on the waves of changes, to try to be IN the reality of the situation or to say this otherwise, to try to be in the reality of each moment.

In this painting, I represent my vision of the transformation of material particules and gases into energy.
We humans are the result of an extremely large mass of such kinds of transformations, from gases to material particules to uni-cellular organisms to multi-cellular organisms leading to the very complex beings that we are, humans and other 'animals'. But we should alsways remember that our stage of evolution as complex beings is only one moment on the time scale of our universe. As such, we are thus bound to be transformed further down the road and eventually to disappear one day....

Make no mistake, an image is not a scientific explanation. An image only gives the representation of the artist's vision of reality that he intents to share with his contemporaries. Now, for this vision to make sense, for this vision to have an impact upon society, the artist better have a good culture, a vast acquired knowledge base. This is in essence the message that I convey in the book that I write in parallel with my ARTSENSE series of acrylics.

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