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I just posted on my other blog "In the air of our times" about what is an art blog.

I wrote the following:
"""Ok guys, reading all of you ART BLOGGERS, it appears as if art blogs were the only preserve of art commentators.

My take is on art creation.
I feel that ART BLOGS cover 3 different categories:
- ART CREATION by artists
- ART CRITIQUE by commentators,...
- ART MARKET by gallerists, merchants,...
Time has come to take back from the commentators the label ART BLOGS."""

In the same post "what is an art blog" (via Todd Gibson from "On the floor") I link to an article by Tyler Green about ART BLOGS. Green is a critic and his words are thus about the sole aspect of CRITIQUE. But he says something quite interesting:
"""I have some friends who write and read literary and book-world blogs. They've had a far greater impact on the book industry than art blogs have on the art industry. For starters, there are a lot more of them. I'm not really sure why there are so many more lit-bloggers than art bloggers—maybe art folks are too busy swilling white wine out of plastic cups."""

Thanks Tyler for this honest admission, your point is indeed crucial. Now a question. Are your
friends who "write and read literary and book-world blogs" not CREATORS before being COMMENTATORS?
This distinction is essential I feel.
For, are we primarily interested to read comments about creations or are we primarily interested to read about the creator's take on his creations?

I place my bet on the creator.
For the first time in history, the artist has access to a technique that allows him to speak publicly about his work. For my part the choice, between the voice of the creator or the voice of the commentator, makes no doubt whatsoever. I chose the voices of Van Gogh, picasso, Breton, Hundertwasser and all those anonymous creators' voices that today chat, blog and write on the net. Who
remembers about nineteen century critics?

Now don't misrepresent my outburst, a good critique, that means one that shines some knowledge over a creation or over a creator, is always welcome. But sadly to say, knowledge is so hard to come by...

If you know about a visual artist 's blog, please let me know, I 'll post a link. Thanks.

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