Modern art 44: ARTSENSE 019

Acryl019. This bacteria has a gargantuan appetite.




The slide-show of all the acrylics of my ARTSENSE serie has been installed, if interested click


Nature the beautifull dream of romantics is not really romantic. Survival and reproduction are its primary concerns. A little bear is so cute is it not, but his mother has to kill to let him survive and we humans are no better, even if we don't eat meat, we have to terminate the life of those plants that we want to nourish us.

Human societies developed worldviews, made rules, built systems and shaped cultures to soften the rule of nature in order to protect the individuals so as to favor societal development. But along the centuries our memories diluted and we developed many lofty thoughts far from reality (nature). From whatever perspective we look at ourselves, we cannot but recognize that our lofty thoughts do change nothing to this basic reality that we are still animals who convert to the rules of nature as soon as a cultural breakdown occurs. Contemporary examples abound.

It seems to me that an honest assessment of our human condition should thus be our first preoccupation. We are part of nature, we are one of its components. But the rationality of the logic of capital led us to believe that we are outside of nature, that nature is at our disposal. In other words, we live now in the illusion that our culture has syphooned us out of nature and that it then should have bestowed on us the shadow of the "ultimate mover", god in Aristotle's speak.

Our illusions about what we are all about, that is one of my most frightening thoughts. From those illusions we derive our barbarity. The more we advance on the road of our development, the more living species are eliminated from our earth, the more dammages we inflict to ourselves, the higher is becoming the probability that our actions are preparing our own extinction.

Are we really so short-sighted?

Time has come to rediscover ourselves. We are components of nature. Seen from far in the universe, we are no more than bacteries ported on the waves of life on earth.
Poets gave us images of ridicule behaviors. The frog that is sucking air till he gets the size of a bull for example. We are good at this kind of ridiculing those we think of as our inferiors but we don't see the straw in our own eyes.

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