Modern art 45: ARTSENSE 020

Acryl020. Creative chaos.





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Our reality is ultimately no more than a process of change along the dimension of passing time. Nothing can be called upon that would explain with some scientific validity the stopping of time, nor as starting point nor as ending point. The only limitation of time we can think of is the time of a given thing, a given process, our universe for example or our capitalist rationalism. But all those are no more than moments of wider cycles.

It is not very difficult to understand that our ideological model of capitalist rationalism only corresponds to a moment in the time of human ideological cycles. We know for a sure fact that it emerged out of European primitive violence. Most people have never given a thought to the possibility of its extinction but it makes no doubt at all that capitalist rationalism will eventually be overtaken by another hegemonic ideological form. The cycle of our universe is another matter that is far less known and also known by far less people. The big bang is its starting point and astro-physicists of NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) reveal the universe is 13.7 billion years old, with an uncertainty of only 200 million years. The calculation of its ending point is out of our reach. Observations by WMAP indeed recognize our limitations. Real matter, hard visible material in the form of atoms that we know about only represents 4 % of all that is in our universe. Nobody has the slightest idea about the 23 % representing Dark matter nor about the 73 % representing Dark energy...

We humans came to believe in many lofty thoughts but one thing is for sure, reality can't be reduced to one moment on the continuum of time. A moment will irrevocably be overtaken by another moment and thus moments have to be considered as particules of time at our image of particules of matter.

For most Westerners, the moment in our history corresponding to the diffusion of capitalist rationalism in every corner of our societies (1950-1980), appears as being our normality, our reality. Eating cabbage or spagetti means indeed going to the store or the restaurant. Driving to a friend's home is done by car. Everything is paid for with money that we earn working for an office or a factory. This is our never questionned human reality in our advanced societies. "Cela va de soi". But this reality just can't continue much further. Economically advanced societies represent barely 15% of the world population and the other 85% is banging on the door... But to reach our level of development we the "developed" 15% have already very much initiated human extinction! Here we are thus confronted with two fundamental facts that are igniting a dynamic of chaos in the organization and the working of human societies around the world: 85% of the world population want to reach the development of the West.. Western development initiated the mechanism of human extinction.

"Creative chaos" is about our entering into a period of chaos that hopefully should lead to a fundamental rebalancing of the centers of power and the collective organization of humankind. The painting shows forces converging to crack the existing stability.

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