Modern art 47: ARTSENSE 022

Acryl022. Hommage to Vincent.





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Man, what a trip his life has been. The guy started to paint, aound his 32nd birthday, somehow as a reaction to what he saw in the art market where he was acting as an agent for a Hollandish art broker. Nothing has changed since the time he decided to leave the art business. The game is always the same. Some have available money that they hope to multiply. Imagine, only imagine for a moment how those guys are thinking. Buying cheap and then hoping to sell for a high multiplicator some time later.

Where is the artistic vision in that game? There is none, there is simply no way that speculators could envision future worldviews in present visual art works. First they have no clue about what art is all about. Art is something objective, it's the representation today of what our human worldview is shaping into. For sure this worldview will be visible, absolutely visible, only after all have interiorized that worldview... Secondly they have no clue about where our world is leading, but this is the absolute subject of art works so how could they possibly be able to detect art works?

Art is not only works of art.
Art is a question of life. It has nothing to do with the mastery of a technique. It has all to do with the ideas and the understanding of the waves of human reality. While Van Gogh who was in crisis tried to find peace in colors, others were consciently focusing on sales. Here is a world of difference: selling on the market now and putting out a vision of what is in the making now. Churning out a vision of what's in the making is depending on living through what's going on in the present. An art work is thus a result of the creator's daily life. If his life is focused on the market, he'll surely have no experience at all of the wave of life, instead he'll for sure know what sells. But let's be more to the point. Van Gogh was living very frugaly, with small money and was thus confronted with the real life conditions of his time. He knew something about misery, he had spent much time with subsistence farmers in Brabant and then with coal miners in Hainaut near Mons and later with artists in Paris. He surely had not the same analytic vision as Marx or Poincare and Curie but he surely had a feel of what daily life was all about. He also travelled long distances, when he could afford to pay, by train, otherwise by foot. Vincent's vision of late 19th century has to be found there. How many critics took the pain to understand what he went through during his life?

Van Gogh was like a sensor of life, totally immersed in his time. He had no grip on greed and prestige, this did not interest him and he thus was open.
His work was about the wave of life in his time. My hommage to Vincent.

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