I feel that the arts, in the present era of Late-Modernity, have lost their "raison d'ĂȘtre" or societal reason for being. As someone who has been painting since over 50 years I have been feeling increasingly distressed by this lack of societal meaning. This is why I started writing. My hope is to clarify, in my own mind, why humanity has always been feeling attracted to the arts and what purpose, if any, the arts are meant to fulfill.

Writing and painting are complementary to me; thinking about what is reality, writing about that thinking, and painting with all that in mind. My painting is thus like an extension of that thinking and writing. I feel that painting helps me to clarify my ideas and project a deeper and richer meaning. While in my thinking I delve into something I’m conscious about my painting is more like a subconscious exploration that expands that thinking in areas unknown which at times brings me in startling places.

The subconscious sets our minds free from all the stop signs to knowledge that we have accumulated along the path of our socialization, societal conditioning, and personal self re-enforcement. The subconscious lets us see out of that box and discover dimensions of reality that are hidden to our conscious selves.

While I think for myself a text becomes available. Should I keep it solely, as reference, for myself? This question long tormented me. I'm uninterested by fame and money but I'm interested in possible discussions and an exchange of ideas that could further open my mind, or to weaknesses in the text, or to new avenues of reasoning. That's why I decided to share the text of my intellectual wanderings with others.


Book 1.  A rapid overview of the history of societal evolution

A collection of 20 articles that I published in my Weebly platform blog "painting and thinking" during the winter 2014-2015. I have assembled these 20 articles in a 414 pages pdf ebook.

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Book 2: theoretical considerations on societal evolution

 A collection of articles that I'm writing this winter 2015-2016.

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